Marbles and Limestones from Portugal are recognised all over the world for their beauty and their quality. For your floor or your wall, you can choose in our wide range of  stones. Natural Stones will give the luxury design to your living room, bathroom, patio.  Contact us for any question, price and orders :



The stone is a natural material and small diferences in color and shape can be observed in the same batch.

First, all crates have to be open and client must choose to mix tiles from all, the crates, that may have some slight diferences of shape, or to use the same shape in one room. The slight diferences between each crate gives the Stone, its intrinsic beauty. It is also important to be sure that tiles are dry to see the real color of the stone and take decisions. Stone is a natural material, from mother earth, it is normal that tiles form the same box os the same batch, have some diferences.  One box = 1000 kg.

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